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Athlete Jack Estes Debrabander Offers His Top 4 Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

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Athlete and fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander recently offered his top four cardio exercises for weight loss.

Cardiovascular exercise is physical movement that increases the breath and heart rates. These types of exercises have been proven to help people manage or even lose weight while maintaining healthy lungs and hearts. Fitness enthusiast and lifelong athlete Jack Estes Debrabander recently discussed his top four cardio exercises for weight loss.

“Many people think they have to go to the gym and work out on treadmills or elliptical machines to accomplish a cardio workout,” Jack Estes Debrabander said. “However, there are tons of cardio exercises you can do at home or with friends to make the task of working out, burning calories, and getting your heart pumping much more fun.”

Jack Estes Debrabander suggested playing sports, like basketball or soccer, with friends to accomplish a quality cardio workout. He explained that playing sports can be more fun than some other cardio activities, which means the athlete prefers to do it long, and ultimately, receives a better workout. Jack Estes Debrabander stated that more than 440 calories can be burned in 60 minutes of play.

“Many times, we recommend those who haven’t exercised in a while to take a leisurely bike ride,” Jack Estes Debrabander said. “Just biking at 10 miles-per-hour can burn nearly 600 calories in 60 minutes.”

Jack Estes Debrabander explained that simply starting with a bike ride around the neighborhood, then taking it farther and faster when comfortable, can be an enjoyable way to work into cardio exercise.

“Swimming is another cardio exercise that burns a lot of calories,” Jack Estes Debrabander said. “It’s also low-impact and easy on the joints, so those who have trouble biking or running will enjoy it as a more comfortable alternative.”

Jack Estes Debrabander explained that his other favorite way of squeezing in a cardio workout is to do heavy yard work. He described that strenuous outdoor tasks, like chopping wood, aren’t often associated with working out, but they’re some of the best ways to burn calories while accomplishing an important task. For those who truly don’t like hitting the gym or playing sports, finding odd jobs around the house and yard can be a great way to burn calories and get the lungs and heart pumping.

“It’s most important to ensure that you’re making your cardio workouts as enjoyable as possible,” Jack Estes Debrabander finished. “Get outside, link up with friends, create a plan, and strive toward your goals. Cardio exercise doesn’t have to be dreaded.”

Jack Estes Debrabander

Fitness Enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander Offers 5 Exercises to Prepare You for Football Season

Fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander offers his top five exercises to prepare athletes for the upcoming football season.

The fall football season may feel far away this spring, but football coaches and enthusiasts are already starting to prepare. Football and fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander is offering his top five exercises to help athletes prepare for the upcoming season, whether they’re playing Pop Warner, middle school, high school, or college football.

Jack Estes Debrabander

“Many football players focus on bulking up before the season, and while strength-training is essential, a lot of players are missing out on other key exercises,” Jack Estes Debrabander says.

Jack Estes Debrabander explains how plyometrics exercises are some of the top exercises for football players. They help athletes develop superior strength and speed while helping them generate more force, more quickly. Jack Estes Debrabander describes that two of his favorite plyometric exercises for football players are box blasts and lateral bounds.

Box blasts help develop that explosive up-and-down power football players need in their legs and hips, while lateral bounds help develop explosive power in the lateral direction. Jack Estes Debrabander explains that these plyometrics skills not only promote superior performance, they prevent injury too.

“Another simple yet effective explosive move is the squat jump,” Jack Estes Debrabander says. “This is an exercise that provides more power, whether you’re tackling, jumping, or sprinting.”

Fitness enthusiasts like Jack Estes Debrabander explain how exercises that build strength while preventing injury are ideal. Debrabander describes ankle jumps as another excellent exercise for preventing ankle injury and developing strength in the lower legs, an area that often gets forgotten. Ankles are often a common injury area for football players, and ankle hops can help reduce that risk.

Jack Estes Debrabander further explains that some of the best exercises football players can perform involve stretching the muscles. He suggests every athlete use a foam roller during their workout routine, especially when the workout is complete. The compression created by the use of the foam roller loosens the muscle, helps nerves relax, promotes superior blood circulation, and aids the body in the recovery process.

“It may not sound like much, but the process of using the foam roller to relieve muscle tension and help the body recover is one of the most important exercises football players, and all athletes, can do,” Jack Estes Debrabander says.

Jack Estes Debrabander explains that all of the above exercises are designed to help provide the extremely quick, explosive power football players need while helping prevent injury in the process. He reiterates that time spent performing plyometrics exercises can be just as beneficial as lifting heavy weights in the gym.

“There’s a time and place for strength training and a time and place for building explosion and agility. It’s important that football athletes focus on both of the above as well as proper muscle recovery to prepare for the upcoming football season,” Jack Estes Debrabander finishes.

Jack Estes Debrabander

Fitness Enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander Discusses Common Workout Mistakes and How to Combat Them

Fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander discusses common workout mistakes and how athletes can combat them to have more effective workouts.

Fitness experts have been emphasizing the importance of performing workouts properly for decades. However, gym-goers, runners, and other athletes continue to make the same mistakes when working out. Fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander recentlydiscussed these mistakes as well as the best ways to combat them. His tips are designed to help athletes of all levels achieve a superior and more effective work out.

“The first step in accomplishing an effective workout is having a game plan in place,” Jack Estes Debrabander says. “Create your workout routine before heading to the gym or set your running route before you head outside. Setting guidelines for yourself will help you achieve daily workout goals.”
Jack Estes Debrabander and other fitness enthusiasts suggest performing at least three 30-minute workouts per week. According to Jack Estes Debrabander, those 30 minutes should be spent working out, and if you don’t have a proper plan in place, you could spend much of that time thinking about what to do next. That means you may not actually be performing 30 minutes of exercise when you think you are.

“Another major mistake people are making is looking at their phones multiple times during workouts,” Jack Estes Debrabander says. “Phones can be useful for listening to music, but it’s essential to refrain from looking at Facebook, answering emails, texting, and more. Phones make you rest too long between reps and generally distract you from the workout you’re performing.”

Fitness enthusiasts like Jack Estes Debrabander also express the importance of performing a warm-up before working out.

“We as fitness enthusiasts say it time and time again, but so many athletes are still skipping warm-ups,” Jack Estes Debrabander says.

Debrabander reiterates that warming up is an essential part of preventing injury while working out. Warming up loosens the muscles to prevent tears, and it also prepares your mind for the coming workout. Throughout the warm-up, your lungs start pumping faster, body temperature rises, and blood flow is increased, this results in superior muscle elasticity and circulation for the workout.

“As an athlete, you must also give your body enough time to recuperate,” Jack Estes Debrabander says. “Over-training the body can be just as damaging, or even more damaging, than skipping a workout.”

Jack Estes Debrabander and other fitness enthusiasts explain that working out too much can cause injuries and overall fitness burnout. Staying on track means working rest and recovery days into the workout schedule. Similarly, Debrabander suggests varying workouts to exercise different parts of the body.

“Varying your day-to-day workouts allows certain muscles to recover while others are being worked,” Jack Estes Debrabander says. “It also helps keep your workout schedule interesting, which is essential to preventing burnout.”

Jack Estes DeBrabander

Jack Estes DeBrabander Offers His Top Nutrition and Exercise Tips to Prepare for Summer

Fitness expert Jack DeBrabander offers his exclusive nutrition and exercise tips in anticipation of the summer beach season.

Spring break and summer vacations are just around the corner, and now is the time to lose those love handles and dreaded belly fat. Jack Estes DeBrabander is a health and fitness expert with more than a decade of experience preparing celebrities and his everyday gym clients for bathing suit season. This February, he’s offering his exclusive tips to aid anyone who wants to be bathing suit ready in time for summer.

“Nobody wants to hear it, but diet is even more important than exercise when trying to reach the beach aesthetic you desire,” Jack Debrabander says. “If you want to lose weight, you have to end the day at a calorie deficit, and that means consuming healthy, whole foods as opposed to calorie-dense meals.”

As the fitness industry pushed fad diets to readers and viewers around the globe, Jack DeBrabander expresses the importance of not falling into these traps. His recently released selection of tips includes learning which foods work best with your body, which he describes, varies greatly from person to person. This, Jack Debrabander claims, can greatly reduce inflammation and help anyone drop sizes without making too many changes to their daily routines. For instance, soy products can make one person retain water while that may not be the case for others.

“You also need to stop drinking liquid calories,” Jack DeBrabander states. “It’s so easy to get caught up in a cycle of consuming alcohol at night, coffee with sugar in the morning and a soda with lunch.”

However, Jack DeBrabander comments that everyone who wants to lose weight doesn’t need to cut out all the drinks they enjoy long-term.

“Once you reach the desired weight or look you’re seeking, you can add your favorite beverages, or variations of them, back into your daily diet,” DeBrabander says. “This doesn’t mean you can drink as many sugary drinks as you want, but it means you can work them into your weight-maintenance plan, so you’re not sacrificing everything you love just to look good.”

Jack DeBrabander is known for helping his clients achieve the beach body they’re seeking without putting them on a completely regimented or boring diet. Jack Debrabander teaches clients to please a sweet tooth with something rich yet not calorie-dense or appease pizza cravings with a lighter, healthier version.

Jack DeBrabander provides unique ways to reach a desired aesthetic without completely sacrificing an enjoyable and free lifestyle.

“It’s not about making your life completely miserable just to look good in Facebook and Instagram photos,” Jack DeBrabander says. “It’s about balancing diet, exercise and life enjoyment to reach a state of contentment with the way you look and the way you feel.”

Jack DeBrabander describes that exercise doesn’t always have to be grueling either. In his selection of tips and tricks to prepare for summer, he offers a variety of ways to make exercise fun. He expresses the importance of working out with friends and finding which workouts are best for each person, whether it’s yoga, pilates, kayaking or surfing.

“Staying active and keeping your life in balance, which includes indulging here or there, is what can truly lead to the beach body you’re seeking. It’s what can keep help you maintain that beach body during non-beach season too.”